FAQ – what to wear

Many parents ask, “what should my child wear for photo day?” and honestly, its a two part question. Letting your child pick his/her own outfit for picture day is always fun. Not only does it let you remember him/her at this exact stage in their lives, but also, kids are super proud of their own outfits and they just feel so special wearing their favorite thing! I love seeing the kid’s personalities come out via their unique style choices. Encourage your child to choose an outfit they love for photo day!

In addition to choosing something your child loves, its important to remember that portraits are taken on a black background. Keeping this in mind, encourage your child to choose bright colors and sway them against wearing black. Neon and shirts with logos/words are also not advised.

Our modern school portraits are intimate, close up photos that capture your child’s true personality. Portraits are generally photographed from the shoulder up. Click here for more information on what to expect.

Sample gallery (all images will be available in both color and black & white)